Session 5 – Panels

July 3, 11:00 – 13:00

5A Literary Transcodifications/5

Chair: Bartosz Lutostański

Ingrida Eglė Žindžiuvienė (Vytautas Magnus University)
Transcodification of a Literary Character in Fiction
Vera Cantoni (University of Pavia)
Dramatising Orwell’s Footnote: Reflections on the Transcodification of Literary Ambiguity
Laurence Riu-Comut (University of Pau)
Recycling Film Genres: Transcodification of the Film Noir in the Contemporary French and Anglo-American Novel
Rosa Coppola (University of Naples L’Orientale)
Writing the Sound of Voices: On Hubert Fichte’s Poetical Ethnography


5B Transcoding Storytelling/2

Chair: Mirko Lino

Federico Biggio (University of Turin)
Genres of Invisibility. Documentary Storytelling in Augmented Reality
Ana Falcon (Estonian Academy of Music and Theater)
Developing an Artistic Research Methodology to Evaluate Writing Format Possibilities for Cinematic Virtual Reality Scenarios
Steven Stergar (University of Udine)
Reframing the Cinematic Images by New Forms of Digital Storytelling


5C Performance, Dance and Theatricality

Chair: Serena Guarracino

Paolo Pizzimento (University of Messina)
Liturgy and Theater at the Gates of Dis (Inf. VII, IX). The Divine Comedy as a Transcodification of Medieval Theater
Anna Chiara Corradino (University of L’Aquila)
“Look down ye orbs and see a new divinity”: Mark Morris Dance Adaptation of Henry Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas
Chiara Scarlato (G. D’Annunzio University of Chieti – Pescara)
Re-tracing the Body, Re-mediating the Space. Notes on 3x3x6 by Shu Lea Cheang 


5D Adaptation and/as Transcodification/2

Chair: Stefano Ercolino

Martina Pfeiler (Ruhr-University)
Transcoding Moby-Dick: Historicizing Herman Melville’s Global Popularity
Jan Creutzenberg (Ewha Womans University, Seoul)
Performative Re-mediations of Tradition. Korean Singing-Storytelling Pansori in the Movie Seopyeonje and its Stage Adaptations
Donata Meneghelli (University of Bologna)
Screening Literature, Blurring Media And Cultural Borders


5E Cinematic Transcodification/3

Chair: Mattia Petricola

Silvia Barbotto (University of Turin)
Transcodification of Face: Literature, Arts, Media
Anna Bocci (University of Pisa)
Intermedial References to Classical Art in Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me by Your Name
Lora Markova (Loughborough University London)
Cultural and Creative Transcoding in European Transmedia Art Projects
Julia Wuggenig (Universität Stuttgart)
Intermediality: Film vs. Painting


5F Transcoding Television

Chair: Gianluigi Rossini

Emanuela Piga Bruni (Universitas Mercatorum of Rome)
From Cyberpunk to Posthuman: Re-mediations of the Conscious Robot
Carlo Tirinanzi De Medici (University of Trento),
Balzac on the Sidewalk. Narrative Techniques in Contemporary TV Series
Mike Clarke (University of Roehampton)
Drawing Lines between OK and Not OK: Animation as Transitional Phenomena in the Age of Streaming
Paolo d’Urbano (Independent Researcher)
Uomini&Donne and the Making of True LoveTM