Special Issue of “Between” : Transmediality / Intermediality / Crossmediality: Problems of Definition

Workshop in Macau and publication of the proceedings

The CLAM held its second Workshop at the ICLA Congress in Macau in July 2019, devoted to “Problems of Terminology and Classification” with the participation of Hans-Joachim Backe, Massimo Fusillo, Yorimitsu Hashimoto, Helga Mitterbauer, Mauro Pala, Marcio Seligmann-Silva, Federico Zecca. The papers were submitted to the Journal of the Italian Association of Theory and Comparative History of Literature Between, and have been just published in the current issue: Vol 10 No 20 (2020): Transmediality / Intermediality / Crossmediality: Problems of Definition, Eds. H.-J. Backe, M. Fusillo, M. Lino, with the focus section Intermedial Dante: Reception, Appropriation, Metamorphosis, Eds. C. Fischer and M. Petricola