Márcia Arbex-Enrico

Panel 2E: Cinematic Transcodifications/1
Session 2 – July 1, 15:30 – 17:00

 The Survival of Painting: Literary and Cinematic Tableaux-Vivants

This  work aims at questioning the confluencesbetween literature, cinema and painting, morespecifically the intermedial survival of painting in thetableaux-vivants. Departing fromstudies on thetableau-vivantin Jean-Luc Godard (Moser, 2006; Pethő, 2010), excerpts fromAlain Robbe-Grillet/Alain Resnais and Pascal Quignard/Alain Corneau filmography, in whichthe medium painting is explicitly and materially presented, will be analyzed. This is notmeant to be a study of the narrative aspects of widely explored genres of “films aboutpainting”, or “films about painters” (biopics), but rather how the relation between the twomedia may take place as “intermedial mirror”, “paragone”, or even “metacritical reflection”(Moser, 2006). The issue of the survival of painting by cinema–departing from the premisethat painting may be genealogically considered an ancestor of cinema, as its “medialfoundation”–means also to take into account, at least in some of the examples, otherfoundations, literary and/or theatrical, that will complexify the nature of the relations amongthe media involved. By interrogating the ways the pictorial image may take place within theliterary texts and cinematic apparatus, firstly, specific framed paintings from a Westernrepertoire will be identified astableaux-vivants, ekphrasis, iconotext or quotation. After that,by the examination of the processes involved (transcodification, transformation, remediation),some questions are to be raised: (a) how do cinematic devices build the medialities of themedium painting? (b) how does afixed image becomes a moving one? (c) shall the procedurebe discussed as a transposition of painting to the literary text/cinema screen or as atranscodification from one medium to another? (d) how are the notions of time and spacearticulated in this hybrid product?


Márcia Arbex is a Full Professor at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais–UFMG, Brazil,since 1998, and CNPq Researcher. Associate member of CRIalt—Centre de recherches intermédiales sur les arts, les lettres et lestechniques, Université de Montréal; Correspondent abroad of CEEI–Centre d’Étude del’Écriture et de l’Image, Université Paris Diderot; and member of the research groupe Intermídia, UFMG/CNPQ. PhD Thesis and Master Supervisor in French Literature, Comparative Literature, Literature Theory. Doctor in French Literature by Université Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle, his research focuses on text-image relationships, theme of several of his scientific articles. She’s the author of Sobrevivências da imagem naescrita: Michel Butor e as artes(2019);Alain Robbe-Grillet e a pintura: jogose speculares(2013), and has edited the volumes Escrita, som, imagem: perspectivas contemporâneas(2019), Espaçosde criação: do ateliê do pintor àmesa do escritor(2015), Poéticas dovisível: ensaios sobre a escrita e a imagem(2006), Interartes (2010). She’s Editor of Literature journal Aletria: Revista de Estudos da Literatura