Doriana Legge

Panel 6E: Transcoding Music, Sound and Literature
Session 6 – July 3, 15:30 – 17:30


In this paper I shall try to move around a liminal and partly unpredictable area.  Here we are dealing with the question of sound and acoustic perception in some directorial works of the twenty-first century. Sound Studies consist in the study of sound, and research into sound and listening. When we extend some of the issues to the specific field of theatrical studies and performance the questions start to multiply. Through some of these suggestions we might reflect on certain works that we will take as case studies.  The works I have chosen are all by a Japanese composer and visual artist: Ryoji Ikeda.


Doriana Legge is adjunct professor in History of theatre (Department of Human Science of the University of L’Aquila). In the same Department she has been research fellow (2019-2020) with a project about dramaturgy of sound in the theatre.
Her main research interests include also history of theatre during the fascism (among her publication: Inseguendo i Carabinieri. Beniamino Joppolo, ovvero la pratica della singolarità, Bulzoni, Roma, 2020).
From 2013 Doriana Legge is part of the editorial board of Teatro e Storia.
She is also a musician and composer for cinema and theater, author of sonorizations that lead to investigating images by thinking about their sound dramatics.