Aurora Gedra Ruiz Alvarez

2E Cinematic Transcodifications/1
Session 2 – July 1, 15:30 – 17:30

Transcoding painting into animation: processes and reception

From the XX century last decades, information technology allowed great knowledge advance in different areas. Researchers were interested in using and/or improving technology not only in the scope of computing itself, but also in other knowledge fields. In this study, I am especially interested in discussing some transformations that the advent of computerized techniques promoted in the arts. In many of its manifestations, the arts received these new components in its constitution, which caused a substantial change in the way of making these objects and in their reception. I intend to look at the transmedial study of the narrative, in the transcodification from painting into an animation. First, I plan to focus on the concept of narrative, whose roots rest on the understanding of storytelling (a sequence of events described by a narrator to a narratee), afterwards discussing this concept having as a support the contributions of Marie-Laure Ryan, Lars Elleström, Irina Rajewski, as well as those of Franco Passalacqua and Federico Pianzola among others. For the transcoding process analysis, I spotlight Marcelo Ricardo Ortiz, a Brazilian artist who transposed renowned artists’ paintings into film animation language. The following subjects will be discussed: what strategies did the author use to move from one code to another? How the viewer is possibly affected in a transcoding process: from an object first created to be contemplated, to another medium that requires the attention of those who watch a dramatic storytelling performance?


Master and Doctoral degree holder in Portuguese Literature from São Paulo University. Postdoctoral degree holder in Intermediality Studies, with a research project at the Indiana University (USA) under the supervision of Professor Claus Clüver, an area linked to the research project I current coordinate: “Intermediality Studies: theories and teaching”. Professor of the Ph.D. Program in Literature and Interart Studies at Mackenzie University since 2003. Editorial board member for funded research institutions in Brazil and for specialized Literature and Media journals. Member of several associations: Nordic Society for Interart Studies (NORSIS), International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA), Brazilian Association of Comparative Literature (ABRALIC), among others.