Aleš Vaupotič, Ana Toroš, Narvika Bovcon

4C Theories and Philosophies of Transcodification/3
Session 4 – July 2, 15:30 – 17:30

Encoding Literary Culture as Augmented Reality

The literary cultures are embedded in regional and global cultural contexts. The intertextual fabric is prevalently implicit and functions as a horizon of understanding. In the peripheries—such as the region between current Slovenia and Italy, in history this territory was also part of Austro-Hungarian empire—the interconnections intensify including the interlingual coexistence of Friulian, German, Italian, Slovene etc. The project which will be presented began form studying the literatures of the region, between the Trieste region and the Friuli, and was an attempt to re-encode the existing literary representations in textbooks, art videos and augmented reality installations. It turns out that the literary landscape is multilayered, which “naturally”—in the sense of a natural user interface—induces us to think of layers. In conclusion, the paper reflects on the viability and sustainability of augmented and virtual reality projects as well as other digitized outcomes of humanities research. 


Aleš Vaupotič is an Associate Professor of literature, he was the dean of the School of Humanities and the head of the Research Centre for Humanities at the University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia. In his work he combines artistic and scholarly approaches. His areas of research include semiotics, theory of new media, and the theory of literary realism. He is a member of the executive committees of the Slovenian Comparative Literature Association and the European Society for Comarative Literature (ESCL/SELC). 

Ana Toroš is an Associate Professor of literature at the University of Nova Gorica, she focusses her studies the literatures in contact.  

Narvika Bovcon is Associate Professor of video and new media at the Faculty of computer and information science, University of Ljubljana. She conducts her research in digital humanities, new-media art history and theory, information visualization, and human-computer interaction design. Since 2016 she is the editor-in-chief of the journal Likovne besede/Art Words.