Literatures – Arts – Media

First Conference of the ICLA Research Committee on Literatures/Arts/Media (CLAM).

January 14-16, 2021 – University of L’Aquila
Catherine’s Room 2001 Bill Viola

+++ Conference postponed +++

This event was scheduled for July 1-3, 2020. However, given the current state of emergency caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to postpone CLAM 2020 to the beginning of next year. The new provisional dates for the conference are January 14-16, 2021. The conference venue remains unchanged.

We understand that the current situation makes it impossible for all of us to plan travels and conference attendances in the near future with absolute certainty. Nevertheless, we have chosen to immediately set new dates, instead of postponing the conference indefinitely, so that we can all be ready to make plans for CLAM as soon as the emergency is over. The new dates will be confirmed as soon as the situation in Europe stabilises. If the new dates for CLAM are unsuitable for you, we kindly ask you to get in touch with us as soon as possible.

We will update you about conference registration and programme over the next weeks. Updates will also be posted on this website.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please let us know.

The first CLAM conference Transcodification: Literatures – Arts – Media represents an invitation to investigate the principles and practices of transcodification across time and space, as well as to discuss re-mediation as an aesthetic category which implies fluidity, fragmentation and pluralization. The conference’s main purpose is to offer an intermedial perspective on fiction and the arts taking as a starting point the insights provided by the most recent developments in comparative literature.

Read the full call for papers here.

Confirmed Keynotes: Sean Cubitt, University of Melbourne / Marina Grishakova, University of Tartu / Christopher Johnson, Arizona State University / Ágnes Pethő, Sapientia University of Cluj-Napoca / Marie-Laure Ryan, University of Colorado / Rebecca Schneider, Brown University

The deadline for abstracts submission is February 23, 2020.

For further information please write to:

The conference venue is the Department of Humanities, Viale Nizza, 14, L’Aquila.