Silvia Barbotto

Panel 5E: Cinematic Transcodifications/3
Session 5 – July 3, 11:00 – 13:00

Transcodification of Face: Literature, Arts, Media

After a quick overview of outstanding artists that use the archive as principal tool for creation, we will discuss the documentary “A cinema prayer” of A.A.Tarkovsky presented in Turin/IT on 20 January 2020 and resulting from a selection of more then 800 hours of archival material from A. Tarkowsky.

The development of this study implicates an intensive Academic visiting in the International Study Center A.T. in Florence, and the meaning that will derive from this investigation is not yet defined as it is still in a sprout version, but the supposition of its articulation has already many interpretative possibilities, analytical and artistical ones. A double transcodification: from archival to a live and contemporary piece, from the cinema to the spirituality and the other way around.

From the ground of semiotic resources, emerges the entanglement of meanings of the audio-visual world and the way to select and reconstruct is underline as a transcodificated performance. The chrono-topological coordinates of this text are distributed in a variable axis that conceive the semiosphere as an organic stratification of signs where is possible to point just a very reduce and pertinent part of them, between many others considered potentially relevant; at the same time Tarkovsky’s cinema, unwilling to be analyzed but inviting to poetic contemplation, therefore requires, in our opinion, a careful and non-invasive attempt at criticism that seeks to reflects itself the characteristics of its core. This is the aim of transcodification: not lose the original core, but rather to recognize and enhance it; the semiotic sensibility tries, ones again, to articulate these kinds of needs and wishes, of the art and of science program, in an open and exiting discussion.


Post Doc research Fellow for ERC Project FACETS (headed by prof. Leone M.), professor p/h. in UADY-CAHAD México. PhD in Art (San Carlos, Valencia, Spain) and graduated in Communication, UniTo. Member of IASS, SSA, SIBE, ARIM, Journalist Board, IYA and other Collectives.  Artist and Yogini, my practices join academic Semiotic research and aesthetic/experimental practices in collaborations with universities, institutions, multimedia-decolonial Labs, pop up groups. Few articles, various expositions, one book: Vitácora. “Sensi Inversi” in process. Some works have been presented in México, USA, Latin America, Europe and India.