Silvia Barbotto

Panel 5E: Cinematic Transcodifications/3
Session 5 – July 3, 11:00 – 13:00

Transcodification of Face: Literature, Arts, Media

The face, an instance par excellence that leads to the constant reformulation of its expressive and epistemic form, requires continuous reinterpretation and codification. Both in its own construction and deconstruction, as well as in the perception and interpretation of otherness. Whether iconic, indicative or symbolic, the face is a favorable terrain for thinking about and inhabiting the hybrid and thus transcoding, which is also in some ways transdisciplinary. Art is a modelling system conducive to this purpose: thanks to a textual semiotic approach we will see how processes of signification are nourished and sedimented through the use of various media and techniques.


Post Doc research Fellow for ERC Project FACETS (headed by prof. Leone M.), professor p/h. in UADY-CAHAD México. PhD in Art (San Carlos, Valencia, Spain) and graduated in Communication, UniTo. Member of IASS, SSA, SIBE, ARIM, Journalist Board, IYA and other Collectives.  Artist and Yogini, my practices join academic Semiotic research and aesthetic/experimental practices in collaborations with universities, institutions, multimedia-decolonial Labs, pop up groups. Few articles, various expositions, one book: Vitácora. “Sensi Inversi” in process. Some works have been presented in México, USA, Latin America, Europe and India.