Karin Kukkonen

Karin Kukkonen is Professor in Comparative Literature at the University of Oslo (Norway). Her monograph 4E Cognition and Eighteenth-Century Fiction: How the Novel Found its Feet (OUP, 2019) discusses the rise of the novel as embedded in the media history at the time. It investigates how the theatre, short-text formats and anthologies, diary-writing and the practice of reading out loud left their transmedial traces on the early novel and how they shaped narrative and stylistic strategies we consider typical of the novel today. Kukkonen has also contributed to the study of comics as a mode of literature with a monograph on Contemporary Comics Storytelling (Nebraska, 2013) and articles for example on multi-stable images (“Adventures in Duck-Rabbitry” Narrative 2017), the historical dimension of transmediality (“Comics as Test Case for Transmedial Narratology” SubStance 2011) and popular cultural memory (in “Popular Cultural Memory” Nordicom 2008).

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